The best Smart Rings

We have spent a few hours investigating, edit and review the options of the following smart rings to create is a test of Smart Rings. If you are still not sure what these devices consist of, Keep reading and you will be able to have a clearer idea of ​​the functionalities of the smart rings and the prices of one of these Smart Rings.

Although they are still technologically in their infancy in the digital age, through them you can receive notifications from your Smartphone, send messages, transfer files, control apps, lock and unlock your smartphone and many more options.

Here we show you the selection of the six best models in our test that you can buy on Amazon.

7 Ares

Available in 3 styles, The 7 Ares model offers most of the functionalities and app of a SmartWatch in a format with greater autonomy and more compact than a SmartWatch. Provides color-coded notifications of light. What's more, allows you to make emergency calls discreetly.

  • Comes with a dedicated phone app
  • Notify when you go out of coverage
  • Sometimes it costs your timing

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Jakcom r3

The Jakcom r3f model comes with a black exterior to avoid colliding with your favorite accessories. This model can be paired with NFC technology devices via Bluetooth. Smartphones, tablets, Raspberry Pi, among others, are devices with NFC technology.

  • Dust resistant housing
  • Made from durable germanium
  • Maybe there are people who seem a bit thick
Jakcom R3 NFC Smart Multifunctional Ring for Android and Windows Phones
  • Liquid tungsten, amorphous carbine alloy, epoxy glass ceramic.
  • Health module: germanium, volcanic magnet, FIR energy stone.
  • NXP Smart CDX: M1 and ID area equipped with new Dual-Core NXP MCU chipset.
  • NXP NTAG 21x: the NFC area carries a new NXP Smart NFC chip.
  • For Android and Windows phones with NFC function.

SleepOn Go2Sleep

Unlike other models of Smart rings, it is not intended to be worn all day. Instead of that, worn at bedtime to monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen level apnea-hypopnea index and a variety of other factors while resting.

  • Provide detailed reports
  • You can sync all family data through one account
  • Can be used on any finger
SpO2 Wireless Pulse Oxygen Alarm with Anti-Snoring Assist for Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Heart Rate Monitor
  • PART (Obstrutive Sleep App): Airway folds up blocking airflow means breathing oxygen levels drop below standard values, could cause respiratory noise; so the device would give you a smart alarm vibration that you should pay attention to your breathing and adjust your sleeping position.
  • SpO2 pulse oximeter: the monitor has vibration settings to wake you up if your SpO2 drops below the threshold you have set (80-95%) to reduce the risk of low blood oxygenation and related side effects.
  • The lightest and smallest SpO2 sleep monitor on the market; Comfortable (patent pending) thumb sensor that releases your finger, unlike any other pulse oximeter on the market; monitors SpO2 (amount of oxygen in the blood); and pulse rate, smart alarm clock function.
  • Heart rate data: engraving and mortar precision data overnight, can be checked by the app so you know your health data.
  • Application control: measurement and recording of all data on your phone. I would save all data with long-term follow-up. Works with Android and iOS system.

Lycos Life NFC

The Lycos Life NFC model, It is a device with vibration capacity and has two finishes, bright orange or bright coral red. It is also made of stainless steel which makes it resistant to any condition of carrying it in the hand.

  • Push and transfer function
  • Can be used to share contact information
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
BONNIO Multifunctional Ring NFC Smart Ring Waterproof Smart Finger Smart Ring Universal Finger Wear Ring
  • Secret protection: this smart ring can be the key to your phone, even the door of your house. No need to charge and waterproof.
  • Control smartphone: This smart ring can run your phone's auto-start task no matter single or multiple. (Call, song, settings, app, etc.).
  • Health module: Remove infrared ray and adjust body function by fir energy stone and volcano magnet.
  • Share and transfer information (send the private message / picture / business card / website link to the person you want to share with a simple tap) not compatible with iPhone and Blackberry phone.
  • Standard size 7, size 8, size9, Size10, size11, size12. Supports phone models like Nokia, Sony, Samsung, HTC, MIUI and all other NFC-enabled Android and Windows Phone systems.

Chitronic magic

This model can be coordinated with multiple applications on your Smartphone or Tablet. Provides a very attractive glossy finish with a simple rhinestone embellishment that makes for a very stylish accessory.

  • Compatible with Android and Windows mobiles
  • Has a Premium finish
  • Great value for the price
ChiTronic Newest Magic Smart Universal Ring for All Android Windows NFC Mobile Phone Cell Phones
  • Compatible with all Android and Windows mobile NFC size chart please check the picture.

Motif Call MS103

This model looks more elegant than most smart rings. With the, no one will know that you are wearing a digital device as a ring. It offers a variety of functionalities such as, fitness tracker, count steps and calories burned.

  • Sleep monitoring
  • Fully waterproof
  • Autonomy of several days of battery
Activity Ring, Sleep and Heart Rate for iPhone and iOS, Impermeable, Activity and HR Monitor, Calorie and Step Counter, pedometer
  • You 1 time get a size set to find your size. The ring is sent only the size you want and the bowler, shipping is included.
  • 24/7 physical activity monitor: steps and distance, heart rate, activity, calories burned, sleep monitoring.
  • Waterproof and durable; ultralight titanium; rose gold and slate gray, available in 7 sizes.
  • 3-day battery life, charges in 90 minutes. Includes two USB chargers for easy charging on the go.
  • Free priority shipping; 1 year warranty; 45 day money back guarantee


A smart ring is a delicate gadget, so, we have made a selection of the models that give the least amount of problems.

If your top priority is fashion then the 7 Ares model will probably be the best option..

If you want a balance between style and functionality. Then your choice should be Motiv Ring MS103 or Lycos Life NFC. Motiv Ring MS103 offers more features than most, such as tracking sleep and your physical condition. It is also completely waterproof, hence, you don't need to take it off if you go to the beach for example.

Lycos Life has a stainless steel structure that makes it very durable.

SleepOn Go2Sleep is unique in this classification as it is not a type of device that is used during the day. Its sole purpose is to control the vital factors of your sleep. This then results in an extremely detailed report..

On the other hand, the ChiTronic Magic model combines a great price ratio. Although unfortunately only the model is available in black.

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