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Most of our smartphones are gyroscope mobiles, but what is a gyroscope or how do I know if my smartphone has a gyroscope. Gyroscopes in mobiles provide the ability to turn our smartphone into a virtual reality center. In this post we will answer these questions and show how to configure your gyroscope on your mobile.

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As has already been commented, gyroscopes on mobiles have countless applications, but one of the most used is virtual reality. Today there are a great variety of virtual reality glasses, at very affordable prices, that turn your mobile into a virtual reality device.

First of all, you need to make sure your mobile device has a gyroscope, so that you can have fun using the virtual reality glasses to play with your smartphone.

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  • Keep in mind that smartphones are generally loaded with sensors that allow them to cover various needs. For example, you have on your Smartphone proximity sensors, barometer, accelerometer, digital compass, ambient light sensors and more. Between these sensors should be the gyroscope.
  • However, the gyroscope is a sensor that has been incorporated into mobile phones for years, since it is part of the evolution of these, but you should keep in mind that still many mid-range / low-end smartphones do not have a gyroscope.

Below we show more information on this topic so you can enjoy, for instance, to use your virtual glasses.

What is a gyroscope?

Before moving on, The first thing is to know what a gyroscope consists of and how it works in a phone.

  • Previously, mobiles only had sensors called accelerometers. These sensors are what give you the ability to detect the orientation of the screen, in order to determine the user's location with the help of GPS.
  • So the accelerometer is capable of offering control options for games, just by tilting the screen. These sensors are very necessary to be able to play, for instance, race games.
  • So you can understand it better, with the accelerometer it is possible to detect that the mobile is moving in any direction and with what intensity.
  • But accelerometers are not able to identify such movement with the precision currently required with the great advances in technology such as video games.
  • Applications such as virtual reality demand from other sensors and each other, very especially, of the gyroscope.

So a gyroscope it is a sensor that gives one more benefit to mobile devices, and that allows you to better enjoy virtual reality because is more accurate, as it adds a rotation record in all axes.

The devices combine the gyroscope with other sensors in their positioning and motion APIs, that way the interaction in the games is more pleasant. So, a gyroscope is a higher precision sensor that is essential to better enjoy virtual reality applications and games.

What is the gyroscope for?

As we have explained, The gyroscope is a basic sensor to achieve a best record, more precise, in relation to the position and movement of the device, serves to better enjoy virtual reality and the games and applications that are developed based on this element.

  • In other words, serves for match the data it collects with that of the accelerometer and other sensors, better translating information, providing greater precision about the location of the Smartphone and on the axes where it moves and rotates.
  • Without the gyroscope, for instance, could not control the movements of cars in racing games. The gyroscope is the basis for the development of games and minigames.
  • Thanks to the gyroscope it is possible to move widely through virtual reality, since this sensor allows the mobile to square the image on the screen, thus combining it with the position and movement of the user.
  • It serves for a total immersion, effective and highly entertaining in virtual reality, since it allows the device to react as if it were the detection of real elements.

How to install gyroscope on Android

The gyroscope installation on Android can be done in two ways, one may seem more complicated than the other, but we want you to know both options.

We will start with the most extensive, And so that you do not get lost and can do it effectively, we are going to give you a step by step.

First of all you should know that installation cannot be standardized, Nevertheless, this step by step usually works with most devices:

  1. First step: The first thing you need to know is that before starting the emulation of a gyroscope on the mobile, you need root permissions. This is because it is necessary to move files to the Android system folder, therefore you need to be root.
  2. Second step: Known the above, you will need to create a file with the text:
    Android gyroscope
    This text can be written in any text editor and saved in the mobile memory as: “android.hardware.sensor.gyroscope.xml”
  3. Third step: Now you need to move or copy the text to the Android system folder, specifically you must copiarlo en la ubicación “system/etc/permissions”.
  4. Cuerto paso: Once the text has been moved to the indicated location, the folder will be mounted with write permissions, which is possible by pressing the "Mount R / W" button. Remember that being root you can use any file explorer to do all this procedure.
  5. Fifth step: Now it's your turn to give the necessary permissions, for this you just have to click on the file "android.hardware.sensor.gyroscope.xml", and then you can open the permission window, you will need to change the original permissions as follows:
    rw-r–r– (644)
  6. Sixth step: This is the last step and therefore it is about doing the final check, that is simple. Consists in close all used applications and restart the Smartphone so that all changes can be made. Once it restarts, it will be verified that the procedure has been successful, for this you will need run the Sensor Box Android app. So, you can use the gyroscope.

Can you install gyroscope on Android without being root?

Sin embargo, in most devices it is not necessary to activate the gyroscope manually. Sin embargo, as it is an electronic component, First of all you need to check that your Smartphone has this sensor as installed hardware, and if so, you can test the gyroscope through an APP.

The simplest way is via the Sensor Box app, which is available and free on Google Play.

However, when downloading the app, you will first know if your phone is compatible with the characteristic of each sensor sensor. If it is compatible, you will be able to recognize the address where you are through the application.

It also offers you a light detector in case you immerse yourself in a dark panorama, as well as it will be possible for you to recognize the area temperature.

How to calibrate the gyro sensor on iOS

To be able to enjoy all the advantages of having a gyroscope on your phone, you must make sure that the gyroscope is correctly calibrated. Depending on your mobile model, it will be calibrated differently.

In the case of iOS phones, have gyroscope sensor, since iPhones are high-end smartphones, so that, has accelerometer and gyroscope.

Sin embargo, if you cannot make your virtual reality glasses work and thus enjoy applications and games developed based on virtual reality, do not worry because here we are going to explain what may be happening and how you can solve it.

What happens sometimes is that as time goes by, the gyroscope may have small faults, so the precision is deteriorating.

Surely you have thought about taking your iPhone to technical service for this problem, but it is not necessary.

In these cases, which is needed is to perform a calibration of the sensors gyroscope and accelerometer. This calibration will allow you to solve the problem and enjoy your virtual reality glasses with your iOS.

So next we will give you another step by step, this time so you can perform the calibration.

  1. First step: First you must turn off the mobile, and for this you have to hold down the power button. So press it until it finally turns off.
  2. Second step: Now that you have turned off your iPhone, turn it back on like you always do. You will ask yourself, Why then did i turn it off if i need to turn it on again? This will help you be able to open the Compass app from scratch, no data is running. So once you have turned on, look in the “Extras” folder for the Compass application. There should be by default, If you can't find it, it is likely that you have moved it, in that case, look for it among your applications.
  3. Third step: When you open the application you will be able to contemplate a circle made up of small stripes. If when you open the application that circle does not appear, but the compass appears directly, then you need to close the application completely. That is why it is important that you restart the iPhone, and in case what we have described happens to you, then close the apps open in the background and start from the first step.
  4. Fourth step: When you enter the application and find the circle of the image on the screen, You will notice that as you move the iPhone the circle will fill with other stripes that are whiter in color. You need to rotate the mobile with slight movements, spinning your wrist. Do it several times.
    You will notice that the circle will be completed with second lines, and immediately the compass will be displayed on the screen.
  5. Fifth step: When the compass is displayed, then the sensors will be perfectly calibrated and you will be ready to enjoy your virtual reality glasses.

As you can see, it is quite easy to do it.

How to know if my mobile has a gyroscope

Knowing if your mobile has a gyroscope can be quite simple, you don't need to have technical knowledge in electronics or anything like that. A continuación describimos 3 formas sencillas para detectar si tu Smartphone tiene dicho sensor o no.

  1. The first thing we advise you is enter Google and write the name and model of your mobile next to the word Gyroscope, so in the results you can find information on whether or not that particular model has the sensor.
  2. The second way is not as simple as the previous one, but assuming that the search does not give you results for some strange reason, or that you do not have access to the search engine, as this form does not require special technical skills either. What you will have to do is look for the hardware characteristics of your Smartphone, to which you have access in the details or technical specifications of the mobile.
  3. If you have not been able to solve it through the previous options, then, the third time lucky. What you have to do is enter the Google Play store and download the Gyroscope Test app, what is a free app. You install the application, Follow the instructions and the app will provide you with the result of whether or not your Smartphone has the sensor..

gyroscope test


  • As you can see, the gyroscope is a sensor currently very necessary if you want to enjoy good games and possibilities, like virtual reality.
  • Therefore, we advise you when buying your next Smartphone take this feature into account so that you can have the possibility of acquiring virtual reality glasses and enjoy it to the fullest.
  • Games and applications that require virtual reality glasses are much more enveloping, offer more fun, best experience and they take you to another technological level.
  • So do not miss the opportunity to buy virtual reality glasses, for it make sure you have the gyroscope sensor on your Android or iOS.

Purchase a mobile with gyroscope y empieza a disfrutar de la realidad virtual ya.

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