New Wear OS tiles land in minor Google update

We are still waiting for Wear OS to catch up

Wear OS has received another small update, with new tiles focused on health.

The smartwatch operating system that powers TicWatch and Fossil smartwatches (and other brands) now has dedicated tiles for workouts, the weather and the breath. These join the Fit tiles for goals, heart rate and heart points released earlier this year.

The Trainings tile shows recent data and you can view live readings of a session.

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The Breathe tile allows you to start guided breathing sessions that already existed in Wear OS and will show the heart rate before and after.

And the new Climate tile shows high / low temperatures, forecasts and bold iconography that looks smart enough. Nevertheless, you do not get the fortnightly forecast of the day, so you won't know if it clears up later.

New Wear OS tiles land in minor Google update

These new additions are in addition to a larger Wear OS update that emphasizes speed and performance.. Nevertheless, we haven't seen the big OS overhaul we've been asking for for a long time.

Nevertheless, the speed of pedestrian progress makes it look like Google is waiting on the Fitbit acquisition to really start overloading its operating system.

As we wrote in october, Google and Fitbit trust this agreement. Fitbit has slowed down a bit in terms of Fitbit OS development, as you move forward with your new research on sensor data, stress, ECG y COVID-19.

Likewise, Google is starting to move forward with battery and operating system performance. Add Fitbits tracking and things will start to look a lot more positive.

But this is pending the approval of the US government.. UU. And it's also under review in the EU, despite Google's guarantees, Fitbit data will not be used for advertising or commercial purposes.