Diesel downsizes and upgrades to style with the new Fadelite unisex smartwatch

CES 2020: the new range joins the larger Axial launched last fall

Not content to sit on the Axial smartwatch that launched last fall, el grupo Fossil presentó la nueva serie Diesel Fadelite en CES 2020.

Designed to be a unisex device, el Fadelite toma el aspecto voluminoso típico de los relojes inteligentes On de Diesel más antiguos y lo encoge en una caja de 43 mm.

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Todavía se ejecuta a través del sistema operativo milquetoast Wear de Google y funciona con el último procesador Snapdragon Wear 3100, design being the real selling point here.

Fadelite connected watch

Essentially, if you've always been a fan of the Diesel brand or a bulkier look, but the giant box sizes have put him off, this is your first chance to get a more standard feel on your wrist.

Aún calificaríamos los 43 mm en una carcasa redonda lo suficientemente grande para aquellos con muñecas más pequeñas, but it's definitely a step in the right direction. To add context, el Apple Watch Series 5 está disponible en tamaños de 40 mm y 44 mm.

All four Fadelite models are also among the only smartwatches we've seen with a clear strap and a translucent hard-shell bezel that blurs colors., hence the nickname.

Fadelite connected watch

Other than that, the experience will be quite familiar to Wear OS users. The smaller size and sportier design make it more attractive for exercising and can be combined with GPS tracking and the full suite of pre-installed Google fitness apps.

Google Pay, Google Assistant, heart rate tracking, customizable watch faces, music control (Wear OS Spotify app comes pre-installed) and smartphone notifications are there too.

If you are interested in Diesel's latest doll creation, it is also cheaper than what we have seen in previous models, incluido el 339 Diesel On Axial.

La línea completa de Fadelite se lanzará en marzo por 249.