The best Virtual Reality Glasses for PC

Virtual reality glasses for PC (or HMD for its acronym in English head-mounted display) They are a device that allows you to view 3D images created by a computer and interact with them. Dare and experiment virtual reality at home

You have to distinguish between virtual reality glasses, the ones we deal with here, of the augmented and mixed reality. In the augmented reality glasses, virtual objects are introduced to you in the real environment. An example would be the mobile game that went viral, Pokémon Go. Mixed reality is a combination of the other two.

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The best Virtual Reality Glasses for PC

Within the VR glasses for PC we are going to highlight the best models. Are the glasses Oculus Rift the HTC Vive. These glasses are high performance, include their own screen and sensors, but they must be connected to a computer or a game console.

The images are of great quality and you provide a fully immersive virtual reality experience. They are one of the best options if you are a gamer. However they need a powerful processor and graphics card.

Other models like Docooler Display VR u Omimo VR All In One they are less known, but not for that reason of worse quality. Both are wireless, comfortable and cheaper.

Below we inform you about what are the best virtual glasses for PC

Oculus Rift

oculus rift

Oculus Rift glasses are from Oculus VR company, whose current owner is Facebook.

  • These HMDs have sensors that follow the movements of your head and are able to show you different visual perspectives. Te permiten una visión de 360 grados for the most realistic and intuitive experience possible.
  • What's more, Rift's onboard audio makes virtual immersion complete. It also has powerful performance thanks to asynchronous spatial discontinuity. This technological advance offers unmatched graphic fidelity and allows you to bring high-quality experiences on computers of different configurations..
  • One of its main characteristics is that the design of the screen allows a very smooth adjustment, allowing a wide field of view with perfect visual fidelity.
  • As well, in the new versions se ha ampliado el tamaño de la pantalla a 7 pulgadas para mejorar la visión 3D estereoscópica, which increases the degree of reality experienced by the user.
  • This change in screen size also reduces the degree of latency., the motion blur when turning the head sharply, and the "screen-door" effect, hence The lines that separate each pixel are no longer visible in virtual reality.
  • The resolution of the Rift is 2.160 x 1.200 píxeles Full HD con un ratio de 16:10. También tienen 3 lentes distintas para personas con miopía de diferentes grados.
  • The Oculus Touch controllers (that can be purchased separately) they follow the movement of your hands and allow you to visualize them as if they were your own. And the sensors work by means of infrared LEDs to transfer your movements to virtual reality, providing you with a much more intuitive experience.
  • Another advantage is that they are light, adaptable and comfortable. It also has a very wide application catalog.

Minimum PC requirements

VR glasses require that the computer have a series of minimum technical characteristics. Even so, among the VR glasses models available for PC, these are the least demanding.

  • Operating system: Windows 7 SP1 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel i5-4590, AMD Ryzen 5 1500, FX4350
  • Main graphics card: NVIDIA GTX 1060/AMD Radeon RX 480
  • Alternative graphics card: NVIDIA GTX 970/AMD Radeon R9 290
  • Memory: 8 GB de RAM
  • Video output: HDMI 1.3
  • USB ports: 3 puertos USB 3.0 y 1 puerto USB 2.0

The glasses come in a box wrapped in a white sleeve. When opening the package (that opens like a briefcase), all components are fitted and protected in custom recesses. The content of the box is as follows:

  1. Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.
  2. HDMI and USB power cables (in the future it is expected to be wireless).
  3. Motion sensor and its support.
  4. Headphones included in the frame of the glasses.
  5. Compact remote control, to navigate the device through menus or increase and decrease the volume of the built-in headphones.
  6. Controller for Xbox One and wireless connector for use on your computer.
  7. A test game (Lucky´s Tale) which consists of collecting coins.
  8. Como un accesorio extra se pueden comprar también 2 mandos Oculus Touch inalámbricos de alta precisión para detectar el movimiento de las manos.
  9. A sticker with the address of the web page is also attached to the box to configure the device step by step.

Indicative price and where to buy them

The price of Oculus Rift glasses is around € 400-700, depending on which version it is. And the Oculus Touch controllers cost about € 150.

Besides this, the computer on which they are installed must be fully equipped, although if you don't want to complicate your life, you can even buy ready-made equipment, and sometimes they are on sale if you buy them together with the glasses.

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HTC Vive

HTC Vive

Another model of virtual reality glasses for computers is the HTC Vive. These glasses were created by HTC (a company that mainly manufactures mobile phones) y Valve (video game developer company). With this device you can walk and interact with virtual objects thanks to its controllers.

  • Currently, is the most technically advanced virtual reality device. Tiene más de 70 sensores que funcionan en un área de 4’6 metros. They detect the playing area and the user can move around the entire space, lo que permite cubrir una visión de 360 grados. Until the creation of the Oculus Touch, they were the only HMD that allowed interact throughout the room thanks to its controls.
  • Besides of seguimiento de 360 grados de Roomscale, these glasses have built-in gyro and accelerometers, y una pantalla de resolución de 1080×;1200 por ojo a 90 Hz, what makes them one of the best virtual reality glasses since it allows you to fully immerse yourself in the virtual world.
  • It also has a batería de 960 mAh que duran 4 horas seguidas y un nuevo motor de vibración háptico. Cuenta además con más de 100 juegos.

Minimum PC requirements

In addition to the specific characteristics that the PC must have, the room is required to be spacious, al menos un área de 4×;3 metros. All objects that may interfere with the playing area must also be collected. (lamps, vases, etc.).

The sensors are very heavy and must be on a perfect diagonal, hence it is important that these sensors are positioned correctly in the corners and have a good and correct grip.

Another thing to prepare before starting to play is to place the cables well to avoid unnecessary falls and that the game disconnects in the middle of a level. Thus, the length of the cables is long enough to move easily and freely. They should be placed from the front of the glasses to the back, and let them hang. To reduce the risk of disconnection, the cables can be attached with adhesive tape..

The equipment requirements for using the HTC Vive are:

  • Operating system: Windows 7 SP1 de 64 bit
  • Processor:Intel i5-4590 / AMD FX 8350
  • Graphic card: NVIDIA GTX 970 o AMD R9 290
  • Memory: 4 GB de RAM
  • Video output: HDMI 1.4 o Display Port 1.2
  • USB ports: 1 puerto USB 2.0

The inside of the pack includes:

  1. HTC Vive Video Glasses.
  2. 2 x Controladores inalámbricos
  3. 2 x Estaciones base
  4. Link box (link box)
  5. Headphones (Earbuds)
  6. Live Accessories
  7. Safety guide
  8. Warranty card
  9. Also includes three games (Job Simulator, Fantastic Contraption y Tilt Brush) de los más de 100 que han creado.

Indicative price and where to buy them

The price of the HTC Vive is much higher than the previous ones because is the most advanced device on the market. They usually cost around € 800-1000.

HTC Vive Video Glasses
  • Resolution 1080x1200 per eye at 90Hz, display technology designed specifically for VR
  • Seguimiento de 360 ​​grados de Roomscale, gyro and accelerometers also built-in, Roomscale 360 ​​grado uno a uno controladores de seguimiento
  • 960mAh battery, que duran al menos 4 horas de uso intensivo
  • New haptic engine, two stage trigger, tracking thumb pad
  • Includes the Vive glasses, two wireless controllers, two base stations, link box, headphones, Live accessories, safety guide and warranty card

Docooler Display VR

Docooler Display VR

These glasses are less known than the previous glasses but they can be a much cheaper alternative. The main advantage is that they have integrated Wifi, es decir, they are wireless, so possible disconnections during the game by disconnection of cables will be avoided. They incorporate controls in the upper part of the glasses.

  • Sound quality provides a great feeling of immersion providing an immersive listening experience. It also offers a panoramic view perspective and three-dimensional space without any dead angle. Posee 6 sensores para seguir el movimiento de la cabeza 360 grados, and thus provide greater sensory control.
  • It has más de 50 juegos de realidad virtual y un amplio catálogo de películas en 3D. The Docoolers are compatible with different platforms for PC. Has a memoria RAM de 2 GB, una tarjeta micro SD de 64 GB y una pantalla de 5,5 pulgadas con resolución de 1920×;1080 y ratio de 1000:1. No need to connect to a computer or phone, they are wireless.
  • They use a lente asférica de 45mm de baja dispersión hecha con resina óptica de alta transparencia y ofrece más de 90 grados FOV. Además pueden utilizarlo personas con miopía inferior a 600 grados.

Minimum PC requirements

Este modelo tiene integrado el sistema Android 5.1 y se puede utilizar sin conectarlo a un ordenador. Has its own operating battery, but you can also connect it to PC.

  • Operating system:<;/strong Nibiru OS (basado en Android 5.1)
  • Processor:<;/strong RK3228 Quad Core ARM Cortex A17, de 1.5GHz
  • Graphic card:<;/strong Mali T764
  • Memory:<;/strong 2 GB de RAM, 16 GB Flash y una tarjeta micro SD de 64 GB (maximum)
  • Video output:<;/strong 1 puerto mini HDMI
  • USB ports:<;/strong 1 puerto micro USB (input power 5V / 2A) y 1 ranura para tarjetas TF.
  • Bluetooth:<;/strong Bluetooth 4.0
  • WiFi connection:<;/strong 802.11 b/g/n, con frecuencia de 2.4 GHz

The glasses come wrapped in a box with custom compartments, which in turn includes:

  1. Gafas Docooler Display VR
  2. Normal USB and other micro USB cables
  3. Cable HDMI
  4. Bluetooth controller for games
  5. Various plug adapters (5V/2A) from different countries
  6. User manual in English and Chinese with pictures

Indicative price and where to buy them

Las gafas Docooler Display VR cuestan entre los 100 y los 300. They are undoubtedly one of the cheapest virtual reality glasses.

Docooler Magicsee M1 Display de VR Realidad Virtual Gafas 3D de Vídeo 90°FOV 5 Pulgadas 1080p Soporte 3D / Panorama / Experiencia de Tridimensional Inmersión con HDMI Cable para Ordenador Notebook
  • [Magicsee fully immersive virtual reality headset] 360 ° espacio tridimensional (no dead angle) interactive system offers more authentic immersive virtual reality experience. Incrustado con seis sensores del eje que soporta 360 ° vista de seguimiento de cabeza (360 ° cabeza de control sensorial somática), making it feel like it's on the scene. What's more, 2D is offered, 3D y formato panorámico ° 360 para ser elegido.
  • [Abundant Game Resources and Movie Resources] Magicsee equipo le ofrece más de 50 juegos de Realidad Virtual (VR Games are going to be updated) and lots of 3D movies. Just enjoy wonderful virtual reality games and movie resources.
  • [High-end lens and FOV and large] Magicsee M1 todo-en-uno máquina utiliza un diámetro de 45 mm de baja dispersión lente asférica que está hecha de resina óptica de alta transparencia (PMMA) y ofrece más de 90 ° FOV (giving you a broad perspective), y es compatible con los ojos desnudos con miopía menores 600 grados.
  • [High-end display] Equipado con 5 pulgadas IPS TFT de alta definición de la pantalla con una relación de contraste 1000: 1, es compatible con una resolución de hasta 1920 * 1080p, no need for phones and PC, se puede disfrutar de maravillosas Juegos Immersive 1080p HD Movie / 3D de la película (offering clear and exquisite 3D image) .
  • [Immersive gaming experience] Magicsee compatible con sistema interactivo espacio tridimensional ° 360, bringing you wonderful fascinating overview of virtual reality experience, and Magicsee VR also supports surround sound output, It can enhance your sense of immersion and make you feel like you are on the scene when you experience virtual reality games.

Omimo VR All In One

Omimo VR All In One

The Omimo VR All-In-One are 3D glasses with Wifi support, Bluetooth and HDMI for use on or without different devices. Has a portable design, hence you can use them wirelessly with a remote control or with the buttons found on the glasses themselves.

  • It has a fast processing speed thanks to its Eight-core CPU (octa-core), which reduces response time. Has 9 sensores para capturar el movimiento of the body while you are playing very quickly.
  • His pantalla HD de 5 pulgadas tiene una resolución de 1920×;1080 con una tasa de refresco de 440ppi y 75 Hz provides you with a clear and stable image with which you can see very immersive 3D movies.
  • You can connect with HDMI connection with PC, Xbox, PS and other devices. In the App Store you can download games and applications, or transfer SPK files from your computer.

Minimum PC requirements

The minimum characteristics that your computer must have to be able to use these virtual reality glasses are:

  • Processor: Allwinner H8,Octa-Core Cortex-A7CPU hasta 2.0GHz
  • Graphic card: Power VR SGX544GPU hasta 700MHz
  • Memory: 8G/16G/32 Byte de flash, EMMC, compatible with Nand Flash design
  • Video output: HDMI (although it can also be used wirelessly)
  • USB ports: 1 puerto USB
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0

The pack includes:

  1. Las Omimo VR All-In-One headset
  2. Cables USB y HDMI
  3. 2'4 GB remote control
  4. Plug adapters (5V/2A de salida y 100-240V de entrada)
  5. User Manual in English and Chinese.
  6. Headphones
  7. Certificate of approval.
  8. Warranty card

Indicative price and where to buy them

These glasses have a very low price that is around € 200-300, so they are a good option to start using virtual reality glasses.

Omimo All In One VR Virtual Reality Headset 3D Glasses Support WiFi Bluetooth HDMI IN PC 1080P 2G/8G with Remote Control for Online Movies and Games Compatible with PS4 Xbox(White)
  • With immersive virtual reality experience and surround sound output ,you can better develop your vision .Built in 9 axis sensor, through the true rotation of the player's head ,You will be able to walk in the game world.Just play games together with your buddies!
  • [Fast processing speed]: the octa - core CPU y 9 ejes sensor, can provide you with fast processing speed, short response time and fast motion capture of your body when you are playing games.
  • [Your IMAX theater]: con 5 pulgadas HD de 1920 * 1080 y tasa de refresco de pantalla 440ppi 75 Hz, can provide you stable and clear photo, you can watch movies online or offline in 2D or 3D. The 3D effect can provide you with a strong feeling of immersion.
  • [Strong compatibility]: can be connected with PC, xBox and other devices via HDMI. Games and applications are listed in the App Store, you can download whatever you want or just transfer APK files from computer.
  • [Quality assurance]: as we are manufacturers, productos de calidad y la satisfaccion del cliente 100% sería siempre porque tenemos un Top R & D equipo, the best materials and the most mature production technology.

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