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We have had to wait until this decade to see start at the user level the wearable technology. Se ha necesitado una cierta madurez tecnológica para que empiecen a ser posibles los dispositivos “;vestibles”;. El término viene de “;wear”; in English (wear), hence the translation al castellano de “;vestible”;.

wearable technology

Today there are already a large number of products of this type, for example, the activity bracelets or bands, perhaps the first of these wearables that could be considered in the family. These wearable devices are not only limited to heart rate analysis, If not, they are capable of providing infinity of information related to the physical activity that we are doing. A great supplement for people trying to lead a healthier life with physical activity.

As well, virtual reality glasses (vr) are increasingly in demand in the video game sector, both for game consoles and smartphones. containing, in the field of smart glasses, after the first unsuccessful attempt by google, It seems that the first models from other manufacturers are beginning to appear. They look more like normal glasses.

But today if you have to define wearables that are expanding, This is the smartwatch or smart watch. As the word indicates, smartwatches are watches that make up a large part of the technology of our smartphones. This provides an unlimited amount of possibilities., with all the capacity of applications, display technology, sensors, speech recognition. A fine, endless possibilities that are leading to the increasingly widespread use of these wearables as a complement to our smartphones.

In everything related to sports activity, there are infinite possibilities within the idea of ​​smart clothing that serves as a body tool in sports. The ability to submerge is another feature that makes them ideal for aquatic activity. This is just the beginning, we are being spectators of a technological change that will change our lives totally, do you dare join the change?

What are the most successful wearables in 2020?

The news of wearables, undoubtedly today it goes through the entire range of smartwatches and smartbands. Nevertheless, unstoppably there are more and more wearable devices on the market.

  • Smartwatchs, definitely, are the most successful and expanded wearables on the market today.
  • The Smartband or smart bracelets, was the origin of the Smartwatchs. Its main use is oriented to the physical state, sport and health. These features were absorbed by smartwatches. To all this, added the most elegant aesthetics of classic watches, while thousands of smartphone-like features.
  • Virtual Reality glasses, They also constitute a wearable that has more and more users. In the world of video games and cinema, be able to immerse yourself almost at a real level within your game, is causing more and more interest and followers. Among the VR glasses are also those of augmented reality, that although they are not so well known, at an industrial level they are already unique tools in many industries. At the domestic level, it has not yet been exploited to its full capacity.. Imagínate la inteligencia artificial proporcionando la información que necesitas del mundo real con unas gafas…;
  • The Smartphones, we all have one and we practically can't live without them. Today mobile phones are our companion day and night, and that is why it is advisable to choose well before buying.
  • Smart Rings NFS. These devices are relatively new, However, the technology already developed in smartwatches is present in these devices.. We do not know about the future of these wearable rings, since they are starting to sell yet.

Take a look at this selection of the best-selling wearables:

Smartwatch, smart watch

which is the best smartwatch

The smartwatches are the most widely used and expanded wearables today. Thanks to all its functionalities and technology, They are not only an ideal complement for the mobile phone, providing comfort in moments when we cannot or do not feel like picking up the phone. containing, are providing a myriad of functionalities that make sense on their own. They are making an important position within the lists of our day-to-day devices.

Important brands like Samsung, Fitbit, Xiaomi, Huawei, Garmin, Asus They are allocating efforts in the creation of models of these increasingly complete werables.. All of them relying on the power of the version of the Google operating system for these gadgets, Android Wear.

containing, a large part of the models of these watches are no longer geared towards physical activity, for its large number of functionalities. This has made many models present a very elegant and stylish aesthetic.. You can have a fashion model that fits any day or situation, since you can change their spheres adapting to any moment.

Apart from smartwatches, the wearable bracelet, smart bracelets or smartbands, They are another alternative perhaps more focused on sports capacity and less on the requirements of a classic watch..

Although they share a large part of the functionalities of smartwatch, its aesthetics, its applications and functionalities are focused on health and sports exclusively. This makes them a very powerful gadget for your training and physical exercise..

So much for its sports functionalities, as its health-oriented applications, or as a complement to our day to day work, they are making these wearables a gadget to be reckoned with. A fine, an infinity of functionalities, accompanied by an increasingly high-quality finish, even luxury,

Within our Smartwatches section you can find all the information you need:

VR glasses, Virtual reality

Virtual reality has taken a step forward thanks to the commercialization of VR glasses. Virtual reality glasses allow you to experience a reality created by a device in the first person. Thanks to its lenses and / or built-in screen and its closeness to the eyes, the feeling is of living that reality.

containing, detect our movement with sensors applying it to the image we are seeing. They also usually include headphones to provide the best immersive experience. There are countless current and future applications, although it is true that it is in PC or video console games where they are in high demand.

gafas vr

In the same way, there are several types of VR glasses, both for smartphones, PC and Game console. But they don't just stay there, other fields are feeding on this technology (drones, who, Health,..)

In the following entries you will be able to know the detail of where the different types of VR glasses are used, where to buy them and the variety of prices that exist, how to use them or even multimedia content to be able to try on your glasses:

Smartphones. Information and analysis

estudio y análisis de smartphones

If there is a device par excellence today that although it is not a wearable as such, is closely related to the operation of any gadget, this is the smartphone. Given its importance in our day to day, the smartphone is the base device to which many wearables are connected to complete their operation.

It is for this reason that on our page we are going to provide information about smartphones. We will keep you constantly updated with the information of which is the best smartphone that we would be interested in buying. We will also focus on a medium price range, looking for the best options within that range of cheaper phones.

As has already been commented, there are countless VR glasses for smartphones. Smartphones must have a gyroscope to enjoy virtual reality. Following We provide all the information on configuration and use of the gyroscope of your mobile to be able to enjoy virtual reality

The following links about smartphones should interest you in relation to wearables:

Smart glasses

Smart Glasses

Another field with many applications and possibilities that are just starting now is augmented reality technology.

It consists of mixing the vision of the real world with a virtual world using a tool such as glasses. Produces an enrichment of the real vision with any data or application that we can think of.

With this ability to insert any visual information into reality, you can create any application and experience in real time, so the possibilities are endless:

Below we share all the information about augmented reality and how to start experiencing it and its applications


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